3rd Polish Combinatorial Conference
Będlewo, September 24-30, 2010
There are at least few ways to get to the conference center in Będlewo.

If you go by car check the map below with a proposed route from Poznań (Note that it crosses the A2 motorway).

View Directions to Będlewo in a larger map

For those of you who get to Poznań by train or plane on September 24 we provide a conference bus departing from Poznań Główny railway station (in front of the main entrance) at 16.00 and 20.00. If you travel by plane you may get Poznań Główny railway station from Airport Ławica by bus line L (timetable).

If you get from Poznań to Będlewo on your own you can take a taxi (the estimated cost is 30 EUR) or you can take a train from Poznań to Mosina (
timetable) and then 13 kilometers by taxi (approx. 10 EUR).

In the case of emergency call us: +48 691389699.